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The Melrose Park Chamber of Commerce and Community Development (MPCCCD) has a variety of unique involvement opportunities for its members. These opportunities allow members to actively engage in the organization and maximize their membership. By getting involved with the chamber, you will make valuable connections, gain exceptional professional development, stay abreast of legislative issues, participate in business growth opportunities, and enhance your leadership abilities. Improving your business means getting involved and making the most out of your membership investment. Learn more about the MPCCCD with our Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the Melrose Park Chamber of Commerce and Community Development?

The Melrose Park Chamber of Commerce and Community Development is a network of diverse businesses and organizations. Our members include big and small, traditional and pioneering, and tech-savvy and creative businesses and nonprofit organizations. The Chamber works to support entrepreneurs, encourage innovation and promote economic growth and community development in the Melrose Park area. We offer networking opportunities, educational events, business development resources, and support for public policy advocacy.

What are the benefits of joining the Melrose Park Chamber of Commerce and Community Development?

A Chamber membership is a solid investment for your business and/or organization. You will have access to a network of business partners, marketing opportunities, and resources that can help make your business more visible and successful. The Chamber also provides networking opportunities, business referrals, connections, diverse programs, signature events, public policy advocacy, and much more.

How do I become a member of the Chamber?

Joining the Melrose Park Chamber of Commerce and Community Development is a simple process. Complete our online membership application or contact us for more information. Signing up is a quick and easy process that will get you access to a wealth of opportunities.

What are the dues? Are the dues tax deductible?

There are multiple levels of Chamber memberships. Dues are based on the level of commitment and interests from your business/organization. Chamber dues are deductible for federal income tax purposes as a business expense. Check out the membership dues pricing levels here.

When does the Chamber meet?

The Chamber has regularly scheduled leadership meetings, committees, networking activities, signature events, educational programs, and a variety of other opportunities to connect with the community. Please consult our calendar of events for specifics.

How can I find a list of upcoming Chamber events?

View the Chamber’s calendar of events. The Chamber offers a variety of programs, activities, and signature events, along with a number of committee and leadership opportunities. If you find something of interest, you can register for the event online.

How can my business get exposure through the Chamber?

There are a number of ways that the Chamber can help market your business and expand your exposure. Some of these ideas include event sponsorships, attendance at events, presentations, Chamber website web ads, Chamber newsletters, Chamber social media tags, and our online business directory.

What kind of advocacy work does the Chamber do?

The Chamber advocates on issues impacting the area business climate and quality of life. These advocacy efforts will aid in ensuring that our region is competitive, innovative, and prosperous for our community. The Chamber will lead a legislative agenda that continues to advance the mission of the organization and the interests of our members.

Does your business need to be located in Melrose Park in order to join the Chamber?

No. Chamber membership is open to any business/organization that does business in Melrose Park with it’s businesses/residents or has other interest in the area.

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