The Melrose Park Chamber of Commerce and Community Development represents many businesses and organizations in the area who employ a significant number of employees. Public policy advocacy is paramount for the success of our surrounding business community. The Chamber is dedicated to sustaining and enhancing the quality of life in our community while fueling a vibrant economy. The Chamber advocates for policy on key federal, state and local issues and influences legislation and other public policy decisions. The Chamber creates a strong voice for the Melrose Park business community while improving, enhancing, and strengthening the business and community development climate.

Legislative Policies

The Melrose Park Chamber of Commerce and Community Development (MPCCCD) follows legislative issues that impact the business community and the economic development of the area. During the legislative session the MPCCCD meets regularly with our elected officials to advocate the interests of our stakeholders and develop a specific legislative agenda. In addition, on an annual basis, the MPCCCD hosts a Legislative Breakfast for our members. State, regional, and local elected officials attend the breakfast to share information and updates with our members on legislative issues and policies that may be effecting our business climate in the region.


Government Affairs Council – This council will serve as the primary advocate for influencing legislative, economic, and social policy that will contribute to a vibrant and prosperous business environment in our community and the region. The Government Affairs Council is instrumental in harnessing the collective interests of our business sectors as well as the interests of our community organizations and serves as one voice on essential issues. The Council’s advocacy efforts are grounded in creating strong economic development opportunities and enriching the climate of the community. Ad-Hoc Councils – Additional legislative councils may be appointed as the need arises in order to address legislative and social policy factors impacting the economic prosperity of our community.

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